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30 Jan 2012
(Maintenance free AGM battery option available). • Variable speed propulsion and three scrub pressures. • Compact body designed for maneuverability. Wrangler 2016 DB/. AB/AE. Maneuverable, mid-size value. • 20-inch/51-cm scrub path; straight or curved squeegee. • 16-gal/61-l solution and. 17-gal/64-l recovery tank.
WRANGLER 2016 AE, AB, DB. PARTS LIST . MANUAL SOLUTION VALVE, STEEL STEM. 1. 419. 2397971. 2016 VALVE BRACKET .. 1. 2397171. HANDLE, DB. 1. 803. 2398131. WIRE DECAL AB (12V 145AH BATTERIES). 1. 2393801. WIRE DECAL AB (6V 225AH BATTERIES). 1. 2393811. WIRE DECAL DB. 1. 804.
Battery-Powered Wrangler 2016 DB (Wheel-Drive) and. Wrangler 2016 AB (Pad-Assist) Specifications. Cord-Electric Wrangler 2016 AE 65 dBA @ operator. 55 in (140 cm). 21 in (53 cm). 39.5 in (100 cm). Weight. Machine DB 225 AH. Machine AB 225 AH. Machine AB 130 AH. Shipping DB 225 AH. Shipping AB 225 AH.
23 Mar 2015
View and Download NSS Enterprises WRANGLER 2016 B operation manual online. WRANGLER 2016 B Floor Machine pdf manual download.
This Owner's Manual has been prepared with the assis- tance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and maintenance of your vehicle. It is supplemented by Warranty Information, and various customer-oriented documents. Please take the time to read these publications carefully. Following
Wrangler 2016 DB/AB/AE. 20-inch automatic scrubber. A tight turning radius and scrub head lock-down feature allow the mid-sized Wrangler 2016 to tackle heavy scrub and standard scrub jobs with ease. Its 20-inch scrubbing path makes quick work of any task. A rugged, rotocast-polyethylene body and 7-guage steel
NSS operation manuals for all new and old floor equipment. All the newest models including scrubbers, floor machines, carpet extractors, vacuums and much more.
OPERATION MANUAL. WRANGLER 2016 AB. WRANGLER 2016 DB. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. WARNING: Failure to observe these instructions can cause personal injury to machine operator or bystanders. WARNING: Fire or explosion hazard. NEVER operate this machine in an explosive atmosphere (grain

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