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14 Apr 2016 Are you on a quest to collect all the Celestial Weapons, the ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy X? Here's what insane challenges you have to overcome to find them.
All characters celestial weaapons will be stronger than other weapons as they ignore defence and have special properties. Early on +XX% increase in strengh/magic is not a big increase in damage where as later it will have a bigger impact with higher stats, but even then other weapons will be more practical, for example
6 Mar 2013 Swords - Final Fantasy X: Index in Equipment Name Table Equipment Appearance 1 Cobalt and aquamarine blue sword with gold gilt near the hilt and towards the tip.

11 Feb 2002 For Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 2, Ultimate Weapons Guide by CB!. Unsealing the Ultimate Weapons -- You'll notice that your ultimate weapons aren't all they're cracked up to be at first. In fact, you can't remodel Without unsealing your weapons at all, they will only bear the [No AP] auto-ability.
X Weapons in Final Fantasy X can be purchased from the shops or received as drops from
28 Jun 2016 For Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 2, Ultimate Equipment Guide by TheaN. There is still an option of customizing magic weapons as Celestials do not ignore Magic Defense. As for content, I've decided to go into a different direction altogether: 1) I've first explained all ultimate armor abilities. 2) I've
31 Jul 2017 Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, the auto-abilities make the weapon, the weapon doesn't make the auto-abilities. If you created a weapon with all three of these auto-abilities on it, because #11 is higher on the list than #15 or #51, the weapon would be named whatever the eleventh weapon is.
24 Jan 2016 They include the Celestial Mirror, Masamune, The Nirvana and other familiar Final Fantasy series uber weapons. The Celestial Mirror. The Caladbolg. The Nirvana. The Masamune. The World Champion. The Onion Knight. The Godhand. The Spirit Lance.
A list of the Celestial Weapons and how to obtain them - part of the Final Fantasy X strategy guide by